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Santa Lucia - Neurosciences and Rehabilitation Sapienza University of Rome

The laboratory works thanks to the effort of its members that daily put professionality and passion in their research activity

Quentin Moreau

Quentin Moreau

My research activity consists in the investigation of EEG correlates of body perception and social interaction. One line of research I am currently developing consists in targeting the visual perception of hands. I have extended the understanding of the lateral occipito-temporal cortex (LOTC) by describing a specific Theta modulation over these regions for socially relevant body effectors such as hands and arms. Specific EEG activity for hands and arms suggests a particular pathway to quickly detect, understand and predict the outcome of actions of others. In line with this, I am also involved in studying joint actions. More specifically, I target error monitoring EEG activity during motor interactions. I am interested in error-related activity during Human-Virtual Partner interactions. Through several joint tasks, where a virtual partner is performing unexpected actions, I record both kinematics and EEG data from the human participant interacting with a virtual partner. Beyond the classical Error-related Negativity and frontal Theta modulation when the virtual partner changes its behaviour, we also target Theta dynamics over occipito-temporal cortices, and the link between body perception in the LOTC and the frontal monitoring system through functional connectivity.

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