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Front. Integr. Neurosci., 30 January 2024 Volume 18 - 2024 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fnint.2024.1321130

Neurophysiological markers of asymmetric emotional contagion: implications for organizational contexts

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Reduced ownership over a virtual body modulates dishonesty

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Deontological Guilt and Disgust Sensitivity Modulate Moral Behaviour

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Human moral decision-making through the lens of Parkinson's disease

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Wearing same- and opposite-sex virtual bodies and seeing them caressed in intimate areas

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The enfacement illusion boosts facial mimicry

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How the stomach and the brain work together at rest

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Brain activity induced by implicit processing of others' pain and pleasure

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Corporeal illusions in chronic spinal cord injuries

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Interactions Between Body and Social Awareness in Yoga

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Painful engrams: Oscillatory correlates of working memory for phasic nociceptive laser stimuli

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The bright and the dark sides of motor simulation

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Visual reminders of death enhance nociceptive-related cortical responses and event-related alpha desynchronisation

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Dynamic construction of the neural networks underpinning empathy for pain

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Illusion of arm movement evoked by tendon vibration in patients with spinal cord injury

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Seeing Pain and Pleasure on self and others: behavioural and psychophysiological reactivity in Immersive Virtual Reality

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Is that me or my twin? Lack of self-face recognition advantage in identical twins

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Mere observation of body discontinuity affects perceived ownership and vicarious agency over a virtual hand

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Mortality salience modulates cortical responses to painful somatosensory stimulation: Evidence from slow wave and delta band activity

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Re-establishing the disrupted sensorimotor loop in deafferented and deefferented people: The case of spinal cord injuries

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