3rd Year

Santa Lucia - Neurosciences and Rehabilitation Sapienza University of Rome

The laboratory works thanks to the effort of its members that daily put professionality and passion in their research activity

Giovanna Cuomo

Giovanna Cuomo

My previous and current experiences within the Agliotilab concern the investigation of the neural basis of sensorimotor resonance, social cognition, body, and action representations during joint actions, in patients and healthy controls, through motion kinematics and brain stimulation techniques. I am collaborating with the BalLab, investigating the relationship between psychological distance, conversation, interoception, and social interactions. In addition, with Prof. Ashok Jansari's Team, we are investigating the relationship between aphantasia -the inability to visualize with the mind's eye- and abstract/concrete concepts. My PhD project aims to unravel how multisensory integration is affected in interactive contexts and influences the representation of the interpersonal space. In deepening my understanding of the relationship between visuo-tactile integration processes, body ownership, and social cognition, I undertook a research period abroad under the supervision of Prof. Louise Kirsch at Université Paris Cité.

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