2nd Year

Santa Lucia - Neurosciences and Rehabilitation Sapienza University of Rome

The laboratory works thanks to the effort of its members that daily put professionality and passion in their research activity

Donato Ferri

Donato Ferri

The neurobiological and psychophysiological aspects of leadership and its emergence are still poorly studied in humans. The behavior of gaze following, although largely automatic, is subject to the influence of variables such as status and leadership. Recent studies have shown that some social variables are able to influence attention processes: dominant facial traits, competence/success and hierarchical position, social status and social preferences, etc.. More specifically, I will analyze the degree of interference of faces (dominant, nondominant, neutral) and the degree of interference exerted by the dominant faces on managers trying to understand if is predictive of other traits and skills in managers (eg. Future careers and negotiations skills).

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