1st Year

Santa Lucia - Neurosciences and Rehabilitation Sapienza University of Rome

The laboratory works thanks to the effort of its members that daily put professionality and passion in their research activity

Anna Giometti

Anna Giometti

In my prior research experience, I focused on the study of social touch and interpersonal distance. In particular, I took part in an immersive virtual reality study about the role of ethnicity in interpersonal touch, using behavioral measures and physiological measures (such as HR and SCR). I was also involved in a research project investigating the perception of virtual touch in patients suffering from endometriosis. Currently, I am investigating social touch and peripersonal space in autism using virtual reality. I also have experience in clinical neuropsychology and I am interested in studying cognitive, affective and social disorders of patients with acquired brain injury, such as anosognosia and apathy.

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